Review: M8Mate Buttons G

M8Mate Buttons G

Item reviewed: M8Mate Buttons G

About the product: M8Mate has crafted a beautifully handmade boxer brief made from a blend of delicate cotton and elastane. The M8Mate Buttons G features a solid colored waistband and two decorative buttons on a closed pouch. On the right leg is a small little tag with an embroidered size letter and M8Mate logo.

What we like: While the simplicity of the M8Mate Buttons G is quite modest and almost medieval in design, the fit has a drape-like quality, letting the fabric cling to the right places in a very flattering way.

When we’d wear them: At a toga party. A Game of Thrones viewing.

Who we’d recommend them to: Someone who’s interested in a simple but more sophisticated boxer alternative. This underwear definitely straddles the worlds of boxer and boxer brief.

In three words: Sophisticated. Delicate. Unassuming.

M8Mate Buttons G
M8Mate Buttons G


For more information on this brand: M8Mate

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