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Item Reviewed: Lunch Purple Brief – ($23.95)

About the product: The Lunch Purple Brief is a 95% cotton, 5% spandex brief designed and made in Australia. The waistband of this brief sets the tone for the entire look, with “Lunch” written in cursive off to one side, in the same color as the brief. The body of the brief is a solid color, with white piping around the legs and highlighting the front pouch. Additionally, the pouch has a small pocket on the inside to help push the boys forward when desired. Inside is a tag with the slogan “look better nearly naked.”

What we like: The Lunch Purple Brief fits a bit tighter than some other briefs on the market, and is also more snug around the legs. Also, the Australian design makes the rise a bit lower than most other briefs. The versatility of the pocket in the pouch is also fun, making the pouch look full when used. And the brief lives up to the slogan printed inside!

What we don’t like: The contrasting inner liner of the pouch on the Lunch Purple Brief seems unnecessary.

When we’d wear them: The Lunch Purple Brief is meant to complement a man’s body, while adding some spice, but not being too flashy. Also, due to the styling of the brief, they make an excellent brief for a sporting or active event, as no riding up will occur. Finally, the Lunch Purple Brief is one that anyone can wear out on a date, and then adjust the pouch pocket to show off a bit more as the evening progresses.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys with an athletic or trim build will enjoy the look of this brief. The cut is youthful and edgy, and anyone wanting a slightly “different” fit in their underwear drawer should strongly consider investing in these briefs.

In three words: Edgy. Athletic. Low-Rise.


For more information on this brand: Lunch

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