Review: The Hot New Teamm8 Cabana Swim Shorts

teamm8 Cabana Swim

Item Reviewed: teamm8 Cabana Swim Short

About the product: The teamm8 Cabana Swim Short is 100% polyester. It has a low(er) rise, and is cut shorter and slimmer compared to the usual swim short — the legs end just above mid-thigh. It features a multicolored geometric print all over. The aqua blue waistband is just over 1½ inches wide, has elastic on the rear side, and has two metal snap buttons on the front. The teamm8 Cabana Swim Short has an inner mesh lining that is connected to a Velcro opening in the front. The Cabana swim short also has two side pockets (that are mesh on the inside) and one aqua-colored pocket patch on the rear. The rear pocket has a “Teamm8” tag on its side. The legs of the swim short are finished off with aqua trim.

What we like: The geometric pattern on the teamm8 Cabana Swim Short is bold and adds excitement to the swimwear. The addition of pockets is an extra detail that shows off the high-quality nature of the short, and the double use of buttons and Velcro gives the teamm8 Cabana Swim Short extra security in the front. The length of the legs is long enough to cover everything for the public, but short enough to show off plenty of thigh action. As is usual with swim shorts, the inner lining is a feature we might sometimes do without, but this one is not bothersome.

When we’d wear them: To the beach!

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys looking for bold, high-quality swimwear. People who want a swim short with functional pockets.

In three words: Unique. Detailed. Aquatic.


For more information on this brand: teamm8

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