Review: Ergowear X3D Bikini

Ergowear X3D Bikini

Item reviewed: Ergowear X3D Bikini – Black

About the product: The Ergowear X3D Bikini is from the brand’s original collection. It has a narrow cut designed with a concealed waistband and the same three-dimensional pouch as other looks in Ergowear’s X3D Line. Like their other looks, the Ergowear X3D Bikini has a 100% ergonomic design. Made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Also available in white.

What we liked: You can’t go wrong with a sexy cut in solid black, and that’s what you get with the Ergowear X3D Bikini. As comfortable and supportive as the pouch is, it’s the concealed waistband and rear coverage that round out the sex appeal. The waistband allows for plenty of skin to show, and the back lets just enough of your rear show.

What we didn’t like: The Ergowear X3D Bikini is constructed with a inner seam where the pouch connects to the underwear’s seat. It gives the X3D Line its flattering three-dimensional pouch, but doesn’t always stay in place.

When we’d wear them: Out at the clubs on a Friday night. Answering a booty call. On a day you want to feel sexy, but not too easy.

Who we’d recommend them to: Any guy man enough to wear a bikini. Dancers, professional, go-go, or otherwise. Men who post a daily selfie.

In three words: Narrow. Sexy. Black.

Ergowear X3D Bikini
Ergowear X3D Bikini

For more information on this brand: Ergowear

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