Review: Candyman Neon Dip Strap Brief

Candyman Neon Dip Strap

Item reviewed: Candyman Neon Dip Strap Brief – 99042

About the product: The Candyman Neon Dip Strap Brief is a sheer, ultra low-rise, minimal coverage asymmetrical brief. The black mesh fabric barely covers your bare essentials, showing off some booty, hip, and bush (so you might want to trim the hedges, boys). The design features three neon straps that encircle the body, and a bit of black mesh to hold it together. The pouch is extremely low-rise, and the back likewise leaves little to the imagination, with a couple inches of crack proudly on display. The Candyman Neon Dip Strap Brief is made from 93% nylon and 7% elastane. The pair is available in sizes S – XL. If neon isn’t what lights up your world, it’s also available in solid red or solid black.

What we like: This daring little number is sexy and fun. The clever neon straps on the Candyman Neon Dip Strap Brief are definitely attention-getting, and the barely-there cut is surprisingly flattering. The straps run a bit large, so you may want to go down a size since you’re baring the bulk of your bod anyway. The mesh fabric is more see-through than the photos would leave you to believe, so be ready to show-off. The Candyman Neon Dip Strap Brief is definitely sexy, made for those nights when you’re dying to release your inner go-go boy – or capture the one next to you…

What we don’t like: The straps don’t necessarily stay where you’ve so artfully arranged them and start falling a bit after a while, though let’s be honest – this brief isn’t exactly intended to be worn for that long of a stretch! Also, Candyman says the neon straps glow in the dark. Not so much – actually, not at all…however, they would surely pop under black light.

When we’d wear them: To give the S.O. a sexy surprise. Foam Party in Palm Springs.

Who we’d recommend them to: Perfect for the exhibitionist-next-door.

In three words: Bright. Bold. Bare.

Candyman Neon Dip Strap
Candyman Neon Dip Strap

For more information on this brand: Candyman

Photo Credit: Candyman

Product Supplied by Great Deals. Dist.


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