Review: Bia Boro Plume Trunk

Bia Boro Plume Trunk

Item reviewed: Bia Boro Plume Trunk

About the product: The Bia Boro Plume Trunk has a low-rise square cut and predominantly color blocked design. The trunk is black around the waistband and from the contoured pouch, through the seat, and across the rear. This black is accented by contrasting green leg seams, side panels, and the waistband’s text (across the front half only). Two panels on the trunk’s front feature the Plume print, colorful and mostly pink. The Bia Boro Plume Trunk is made from 65% bamboo rayon, 25% polyester, 5% nylon, and 5% spandex.

What we liked: Bia Boro’s Plume Trunk has a stellar combination of colors that are fun and bright, but not necessarily a bright look. The jungle green panels on the legs and seams work with the black to give the trunk a little sportiness. But look at the front and it’s all about style. The Plume print has a funky feather thing going on. It has a salmon color that’s accented with yellow and green to give a sexy Bohemian balance. The material (we’re talking about that bamboo rayon right now) also makes the Bia Boro Plume Trunk more comfortable than most square cut styles. This is a pair you fold properly and cherish forever. You probably won’t be washing these with your normal pairs of underwear – break these babies out for special occasions, or even for a fun night in with your significant other.

When we’d wear them: A music festival this summer. Drinking margaritas by the beach. As the final touch in our favorite casual look for spring. Saturdays.

Who we’d recommend them to: Art students enrolled in color theory. Younger men who need something flashy. Coachella ticket holders.

In three words: Artsy. Flattering. Fun.


For more information on this brand: Bia Boro

Photo Credit: Bia Boro

Product Supplied by Bia Boro


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