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Item reviewed: BaNG! Swim Short – ($75)

About the product: The BaNG! Swim Short is designed with a shorter leg length, comparable to most running shorts, and have a lower rise. The shorts have a brief-style lining with a slightly contoured pouch, though the pouch of outward-facing fabric is relatively flat. The fabric is an 80% nylon / 20% spandex blend, and although they offer full coverage, they fit relatively tightly, especially in the back.

The waistband on the BaNG! Swim Short is elastic and flat so as to avoid cutting into your love handles, and it also features a drawstring to allow for an adjustable fit.

What we like: There are some things in life where the name really says it all, and that’s certainly the case with the BaNG! Swim Short. The defining feature of the pair is the print, which to us was at the intersection of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and your favorite childhood Saturday morning cartoon.

Though the print is definitely the distinctive feature of BaNG!’s Swim Shorts, it’s not the only thing we liked about them. This pair was also super comfortable. The lining was silky smooth, and though the fit was relatively tight, we found them to be exceedingly comfortable overall, providing a great amount of support, especially for a swimsuit of this kind.

Probably the best thing about this pair for us is their versatility. Though intended for the pool or beach, we’ve worn them to bed and for a run, and found them to work surprising well for all those activities.

What we don’t like: There wasn’t really anything that we didn’t like about the BaNG! Swim Short. If we had to make one suggestion, we might make the fit just a tad more relaxed, especially in the back.

When we’d wear them: On our next trip to the beach or pool; to bed

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who like to make an impression by the pool or at the beach

In three words: Bold. Fun. Versatile.


For more information on this brand: BaNG!

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  1. yzertech says:

    Thanks for the review.
    Is the color saturation of the original the same like on the Bang website or paler?
    Probably I’ll buy the “Temptation Swim Shorts”.

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