Review: BaNG! Ocean Shine Swim Brief

BaNG! Ocean Shine

Item reviewed: BaNG! Ocean Shine Swim Brief

About the product: The BaNG! Ocean Shine Swim Brief is made from polyamide and has a 4-way stretch spandex. It’s designed with a low-rise waist where an internal drawstring is located. The BaNG! Ocean Swim Brief also comes fully lined with the brand’s “Full Pack” padded pouch system. The design features a colorful aquatic print that’s speckled with glitter.

What we liked: The pattern and the glitter! The metallic glitter added to the BaNG! Ocean Shine Swim Brief gives it a cute and attention-grabbing finish. It works great with the BaNG! Ocean Shine print, which is mostly a light blue color. The padded frontal pouch is also a nice touch that makes your package look as good as your rear.

What we didn’t like: Like we said before, the BaNG! Ocean Shine Swim Brief has an awesome, unique print. Unfortunately, that print is interrupted by seams on either hip. This is something the BaNG! Swim Mini Briefs do not include.

When we’d wear them: Pool parties with open invitations. A late night swim with someone sexy. A form party at a club.

Who we’d recommend them to: Men who aren’t afraid of a little glitter, or learving a lot of skin exposed. Anyone who wants to transform into eye candy.

In three words: Glitter. Snug. Mer-man.

BaNG! Ocean Shine
BaNG! Ocean Shine

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