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Xtremen Graphic

The 2015 Collection of Xtremen Graphic Boxers keep to the brand’s athletic aesthetic with their sporty cuts and bold waistbands accented by equally bold lettering. But what sets the Xtremen Graphic Boxers apart is their fashion sense. Unlike the brand’s line of basics or sport boxers, these new boxer briefs have a higher regard for style, while keeping an entirely masculine appearance.

The 2015 line of graphic boxer briefs includes three poly-cotton boxers (60% polyester, 32% cotton, 8% spandex) – two with striped designs. The 51353 Poly-Cotton Boxer (17.48) comes in gray and red colorways that are accented by bright colors to keep their sporty vibe. The gray pair has accents in green that work doubly well on the shiny black waistband. The red pair is a little more classic with gray accent stripes.

The other poly-cotton pair in the Xtremen Graphic Boxers line – the 51347 Baja Stripe Boxer ($18.48) – is thicker and uses less contrast for something suitable to the more fashionable athlete. Its blue pair alternates soft blue and green stripes. The red pair alternates red and gray, but where the 51353 design used different shades, this red pair uses a soft, dark shade. And because both Baja Stripe Boxers use soft colors, their metallic waistbands flash a little brighter.

The most graphic design on the Graphic Boxer Line is on their 51348 Spraypaint Boxer ($18.48). The design is also the sportiest of the Xtremen Graphic Boxers. Bands of orange contrast its gray pair, and bands of blue contrast its white pair. Both also have text on the legs that read “WORK TIME.” This is the pair for men who refuse to choose between athletic function and fashionable style.

Xtremen Graphic Boxers are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the new Xtremen Graphic Boxers do you think would look the best at the gym? Do you like underwear with longer legs to prevent chafing? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Xtremen

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