Pouch Enhancing Jocks, The Right Pouch for You

pouch enhancing jocks

Jockstraps are made to enhance – just exactly what they enhance depends on the pair. Some are built for fashion, some are built for sport. Some are built for the rear and others for the front. It’s this last category that seems to be at the forefront of jockstrap design nowadays, and to make sure you find the right pouch for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best pouch enhancing jocks out there.


2(X)IST tops the list with its Speed 2.0 Jockstrap ($26). One of the basic pouch enhancing jocks, the design of the jock does what it’s supposed to do. Rear straps hold everything in place while the front pouch, sewn with the brand’s original Contour Pouch technology, provides support, comfort, and boost where it matters most. As a bonus, perforated microfiber patches on either side of the pouch keep things cool and moisture-free. The style is available in black or red colors and runs sizes S – XL.


A close second, Mundo Unico’s Manaos jock ($21) is made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex. It comes in bright coral and pistachio colors typical of the Colombian brand’s tropical style. The small but comfy pouch is made with Mundo Unico’s Support Pouch enhancements that are guaranteed to provide all the boost you need. Sizes run S – XL.


Next is Pikante’s Roheline jock ($19.48). The heavily contoured pouch comes with a front-and-center turquoise seam stitching for that last extra millimeter. The super-stretchy nylon and spandex microfiber fabric ensures there’s no constraint, only lift in all S – XL sizes.

Castro_2248Talk about pouch enhancing jocks – Pikante grabs the next spot as well with its Castro jock ($22.48). The enhancing features here are not so much focused on lift, but rather on shape and profile. The roomy, well-formed pouch grabs what you’ve got and puts it front and center. It’s a design that gives support, comfort, and true definition. Sizes run S – XL.


Modus Vivendi joins the pouch enhancing jocks list with its Leather Boost jock, the cotton edition ($44.52). The wide design comes with removable straps — just in case — and is made from some of Modus Vivendi’s highest quality fabrics. The roomy, broad-ribbed pouch is contoured for comfort and shape, giving you lift all day long. It’s a durable, stylish design with a top-notch waistband. Sizes run S – XL.RugbyLaceUpAthlete26

Timoteo makes an appearance in the pouch enhancing jocks list as well with its Rugby Lace Up Athletic Jock ($26). The key here is not so much lift and support, but rather overall design aesthetic. This unbelievably attractive jockstrap comes with a nostalgic waistband and super sporty colors. The lace-up front is an added bonus so you can pull, tighten, and lift what you’ve got, and then let someone else do the dirty work of untying all those strings. To accommodate every athlete out there, sizes run XS – XL.MandiesMandies rounds out this pouch competition and makes the pouch enhancing jocks list for reasons similar to Timoteo. The brand’s Bungee Jock (left, $28.99) and Sky Rider Jock (right, $31.99) are made from 84% nylon and 16% spandex. The fabric’s front-facing cutouts bring some jockstrap rear style to the forefront. The twin windows of skin are neatly done and fashionably designed. It’s sexiness from all angles.

Now that you’re prepared to shop the right pouch for you, which design are you going to buy? Is it lift or comfort that you’re after? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet to @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Mundo Unico, Pikante, Modus Vivendi and Timoteo.

Photo Credits: 2(X)IST, Mundo Unico, Pikante, Modus Vivendi, Timoteo and Mandies.

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