Petit Q’s Sexy Boxers, Packed For The Beach

Sexy Boxers

This handsome model brings more than Petit Q’s sexy boxers to this stunning shoot. He brings a bikini or two, and also a brief. He even brings a lady friend, because everyone likes a man in Petit Q’s sexy boxers. Shot by photographer Kemuel Valdes, this photoshoot highlights the underwear you’d rather be wearing, in the place you’d rather be: the beach.

Most of the Petit Q pairs featured in the shoot are boxers, but sexy boxers. This is Petit Q after all – a French brand who, for those who don’t know (or can’t tell), is a fetish brand. The Chaumont Boxer and Majax Boxer both grace the wearer with a nude illusion, but in very different ways. The Chaumont Boxer’s nude effect is done the old-fashioned way with a faux revealing nude-colored material. Making it a truly sexy boxer is a nylon/spandex blend that gives it a second skin fit for the ultimate nude illusion.

The Majax Boxer’s sex appeal isn’t so much an illusion as it is a gift. It takes your average boxer and leaves the right side completely open. So how do the sexy boxers stay on? Clear plastic straps keep the sleek and silky material nice and snug. And for those who firmly believe straps are meant to be seen, snapped, and multiplied, there’s the Bondage Bikini.

It takes the same approach as Petit Q’s other sexy boxers, but from a kinky bikini angle. From the ground up, you have a basic black bikini and a bold metallic waistband. Add knee-length straps on both sides, and leave three cage-like straps along the way to hug your thighs. And just like your favorite pair of underwear, nothing is held better than your package.

Strappy is taken more delicately, and sensually, with Petit Q’s Gladiator Bikini. One side has a spaghetti-style strap that clings to the model’s slim waist. The other side’s fiery panel of fishnet teases his skin. And for those who dress as hard as they tease, Petit Q’s Pornic Brief and Moval Boxer are designed to open. The Pornic design has a hot lace-up accent. The Moval Boxer is always open in the center, but can open entirely with snap buttons.

Which of Petit Q’s sexy boxers is your favorite? Would you bring Petit Q on your next beach trip? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Petit Q

Photo Credit: Kemuel Valdes

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