Pairs That Hit The Modern Spots, And Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Remember polka dots? You see them most on children’s items such as clothing or toys, so it makes sense that polka dots have an innate youthfulness about them. The print was simple from the beginning – dots of the same size and color, placed close together and in a uniform way. But over time, the polka dot pattern grew, shrank and matured into more sophisticated prints ideal for men’s underwear.

Model Erick Wilson wears seven different pairs of underwear in this Underwear Expert exclusive shoot by Jerrad Matthew, each worthy of throwing dots back in the spotlight. Some commit to the polka dot print’s throwback sense of fun. Others move on to more adult, professional attitudes.

The entire aussieBum Spot Range has one of the most old-school takes on polka dots around. Black polka dots accent the underwear’s white body for a look that’s slightly reminiscent of the 50’s. By using only primary colors to accent the rudimentary design, the range is delightfully retro and plenty fun. But it’s the contrasting waistband and seams that bring it into the future. The Happy Socks Big Bot Boxer also works with a bright and bubbly take on polka dots. Multi-colored dots against a black underwear body give Happy Socks’ boxer a more modern look. The boxer short’s cut also shifts its attitude from “laid-back charmer” to “everyone’s favorite guy at the office.”

Other brands such as Croota and Levi’s take a more minimalist approach to polka dots. Similar to Happy Socks’ Big Dot Boxer, Croota’s Sprinkles 02 Boxer Brief also mixes things up by designing a print with alternating dot colors. But unlike the Big Dot Boxer, the “polka dots” on the Sprinkles 02 Boxer Brief are teeny tiny – the way you’d actually expect sprinkles to be. They’re even scattered instead of perfectly uniform, making Croota’s featured pair super of-the-times, casual, and with hints of athleticism.

New printed looks from the Levi’s 200 Series are just as minimal, but keep the polka dots in line for more sophisticated pairs of underwear. Erick models the Levi’s 200 Series Boxer Brief in its red star print. Yes, the print is technically made of small stars. But the stars are so fine and small that they read as a polka dot print, especially when staring from a distance. And while this leaves the boxer brief looking like a classic-yet-minimal version of red and white polka dots, the waistband’s light shimmer and silicone brand logo are sure signs of contemporary style.

Canadian brand JM also uses a small metallic flash to modernize their polka dots. The print on the JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer is just as minimal as the one found on the Levi’s 200 Series. But because the entire material features a glimmer of shimmer, JM’s pair reads as the dressiest of Erick Wilson’s pairs. It’s also the only pair to carry its polka dots onto the waistband. Let the elastic show and enjoy the spotlight.

Do you prefer your spotted prints to resemble classic polka dots, or something more modern? Which featured pair more closely resembles your personal style? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: aussieBum, Croota, Happy Socks, JM, Levi’s, Male Power, Perry Ellis

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Erick Wilson

Products Supplied by aussieBum, Croota, Happy Socks, JM, Levi’s, Male Power, Perry Ellis


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  1. Xander says:

    Some of these looks like kesha vomited on them and who knew aussieBum is trying cruella make male male undies!! It’s about time she leaves those poor ups alone. Levi’s is always a comfy but boring underwear line to me. it’s gonna take more than pippi longstocking polka dot vomit to help them. JM is clearly the winner here. sleek, sexy and classic. Second runner up would be perri Ellis. gimmie gimmie!!! LOL

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