Modus Vivendi Greek Line Brings New Pride

Modus Vivendi Greek

Feel like you’ve loved the new Modus Vivendi Greek Line before? You’re right. The recently released line is really the Greek Edition of Modus Vivendi’s Pride Line. Borrowing from the original’s sporty designs, the Modus Vivendi Greek Line brings a springtime update inspired by the brand’s home country and its national colors. But what really makes The Underwear Expert proud of the Modus Vivendi Greek Line is the inclusion of not including its parent Pride Line.

Both the Modus Vivendi Greek Brief ($32.75) and Boxer Brief ($36.49) come in white, aqua, and turquoise. Like the Pride Line’s underwear, these pairs are designed with contrasting stripes on either hip that become the rear coverage color. The contrast color is also used for the pairs’ waistband. The white colorways are accented by a light blue similar to the aqua pairs, which themselves are paired with an even-toned blue. Turquoise versions of the Modus Vivendi Greek Line are the darkest, with darker blue waistbands.

The Modus Vivendi Greek Tank Top ($43.18) comes in the same three colorways and is even made from the same material (95% cotton, 5% elastane). Just as sporty as the Greek Line’s underwear, the tank brings the athletic appeal to the forefront. The Greek Tank Top’s contrasting colors work the same as the underwear. A contrasting stripe runs down the middle and hints at the back’s color. The tank also has more contrasts with a waist trim.

The Modus Vivendi Greek Line also introduces the brand’s Bon Bon Mini Brief style into the mix. Unique to the Greek Line, the Greek Bon Bon Mini Brief comes in blue and marine in addition to white, with the marine close to navy and the line’s darkest shade of blue. These styles are also made from a towel-like material (65% velvet cotton, 35% polyester), leaving the sporty behind and making their way to sexier ground.

The Greek Edition of Modus Vivendi’s Pride Line is available in sizes S – XL.

Which underwear style from the Modus Vivendi Greek Line do you find the most flattering? Do you own any pairs of velvet underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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