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teamm8 M8

The Underwear Expert has kept you updated on who the next teamm8 M8 Of The Month is for some time. Every month, we’re excited to bring an interview with a stunningly fit and driven man. And now we’re even monthm8more excited to tell you: the next teamm8 M8 Of The Month could be you!

teamm8 is accepting submissions for the next M8 Of The Month until May 31. The winner will receive a $500 (AUD) to teamm8, so they “can look the part.” The next m8 Of The Month will also receive a complete LQD Skin Care facial box set valued at $230 (AUD), and a GLOWBYBECA self-tanning skin pack valued at $87 (AUD). In American dollars, this grand prize is valued around $570. And just like in life, the best thing about this grand prize is priceless: your own teamm8 photoshoot to go along with your interview.

Don’t forget, it takes more than a model’s body to be named the next teamm8 M8 Of The Month. If you remember the previous M8 Of The Month interviews, you remember every model was asked why they were an “everyday champion.” Each of them worked, and are still currently working, toward their aspirations. If you believe standing still is just as pointless as moving backwards, you could have what it takes to be the next teamm8 M8 Of The Month.

The submission deadline is May 31st at 12:00am (Australian EST).To enter, send an email to [email protected] with your picture and why you should be the next teamm8 M8 Of The Month. The competiton in international, and not exclusive to Australians.

Do you have what it takes the next teamm8 M8 Of The Month? What makes you an everyday champion? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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