Minimal Masters In Levi’s 200 And Linen Series

Levi's 200 Series

The Levi’s 200 Series Trunks and Boxer Briefs were updated with three urban print designs, each with a classic aesthetic you’d expect from Levi’s. Staying true to the denim that put them on the map, underwear from the updated Levi’s 200 Series is designed with the brand’s bat wing logo, but without text and applied in silicone. The underwear is also designed with Levi’s signature red chain stitch on the rear – the same one that identifies a pair of jeans as Levi’s denim.

Each of the new print designs for the Levi’s 200 Series takes on a minimalist attitude that makes them more sophisticated than their solid versions. While both the solid and printed trunks have that awesome red chain stitch, and a cool silicone logo, these prints are where it’s at. The most minimal is the Stars print. From a distance, the print looks like the smallest polka dots you’ve ever seen. Move a little closer, and you’re seeing stars.

The new Arrow print from the Levi’s 200 Series is a touch less minimal than the star print. Made from three small intersecting arrows, they form a downward facing starburst shape. Even more minimal is the Bandana print. The name fits given the urban, contemporary take on paisley. But that doesn’t stop it from being the classiest newcomer in the Levi’s 200 Series.

The Levi’s Linen Series includes the same styles as the the 200 Series as well as a brief and V-neck. Each style is made from a blend of linen and spandex for a smoother, sleeker fit. Each comes in four solid colorways. The Linen Brief has a modest wide cut, but keeps a snug fit similar to hip briefs. The Linen Trunk and Boxer Brief are also modest, and longer than those in the 200 Series. Like the Linen Brief, their waistband’s text is stitched into the elastic. And while underwear in the Linen Series doesn’t feature as many denim tributes as the 200 Series, they all have accent stitching that echoes your favorite pair of jeans to a tee. Speaking of tees, the Linen V-Neck also has the nifty stitching right along the neck.

The updated Levi’s 200 Series is available in sizes S-XL, and comes in Black, Navy Blazer, Chili Pepper, Dark Shadow. The Levi’s Linen Series is available in sizes S-XL, and comes in Black, White, Faded Denim, and Ensign Blue.

Which print from the Levi’s 200 Neats Series best suits your taste in underwear? Are you a fan of underwear’s signature chain stitch and silicone bat wing logo? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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