Mack Weldon Underwear, Your Missing Suit Piece

Mack Weldon Underwear

The underwear beneath your suit should be as sophisticated as it is simple. Like a well-tailored suit, Mack Weldon underwear has a comfortable fit you notice the moment you pull them on. And like an elegant piece of menswear, their simple styles are elevated by intelligent design traits.

Most men already opt for understated pairs of underwear when dressing to impress, simply because they tend to be more comfortable. With less bells and whistles (and straps), it’s almost guaranteed “underwear basics” will fit how you’d expect. Mack Weldon underwear, though, fits better than you’d expect. Stay-put binding uses comfortable seams to ensure the underwear’s legs stay in place, and don’t ride up throughout the day. Mack Weldon underwear is also designed with a waistband that boasts superior softness. This is the kind of fit you want under a pair of slacks: form-fitting to be supportive and remain invisible under lighter fabrics, yet stretchy enough to never feel restricting.

Another part of what sets the brand apart is their use of cool mesh zones for added ventilation. And because Mack Weldon underwear is made from a smooth blend of 47.5% long staple cotton, 47.5% modal, and 5% Lycra, each of their styles is lighter and softer than entirely cotton designs. Formalwear can be a little too insulating, especially during summer, and you don’t want to be the man who wears nothing but performance underwear. The material blend used for Mack Weldon underwear occupies the middle ground between performance ability and everyday comfort, making Mack Weldon underwear truly “for daily wear.”

Mack Weldon offers boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, and woven boxers (with a one-way stretch) that would all fit pair well with professional attire. Until recently, each style was designed exclusively in solid colors, each contrasted by a handsome, text-free waistband. Starting this spring, Mack Weldon underwear is also available in striped designs.

Do you wear your pairs of Mack Weldon underwear with a suit and tie? What’s your favorite Mack Weldon underwear style? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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