Gregg Homme Kasanova Series, Seriously Seductive

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The Gregg Homme Kasanova Series has several things in common with the legendary charmer, and a design that lands any man who wears it in the same league. It’s bold, it’s elegant, but above all – it’s seductive. And with 6 underwear styles, a t-shirt, and a tank top, Gregg Homme has plenty of room to play with the collection’s two tantalizing materials: a teal and white marble fabric, and an aqua micro mesh that’s semi-sheer.

The boxer brief ($40.95), jock ($45.95), and pouch ($20.95) from the Gregg Homme Kasanova Series all feature pouches made from the aqua semi-sheer. But this doesn’t necessarily make them Kasanova’s most revealing looks. Pouch aside, the Kasanova Boxer Brief is a full-coverage pair that covers the rest of you in the elegant marble print fabric. The jockstrap uses the material for its minimal front coverage and rear straps. The Kasanova Pouch, on the other hand, actually is the most revealing pair in the series. Its design features nothing but the see-through pouch and half-inch waistband, which forms the g-string style rear.

Gregg Homme Kasanova Series also includes a thong ($26.95), brief ($34.95), and trunk ($40.95). Of these styles, only the brief brings back the semi-sheer micro mesh, but it does so with full force. The Kasanova Brief’s pouch is made from the marble fabric, but everything else is the semi-sheer, even the rear coverage. Both the Kasanova Trunk and Kasanova Thong use nothing but the marble fabric, making the trunk Kasanova’s most modest option.

The shirt ($86.95) and tank top ($47.95) bring both materials from the Gregg Homme Kasanova Series to the front of your look. The tank top is entirely see-through aside from its contrasting marble trim. The shirt is almost entirely marble, but the sleeves are left sheer for some added style and sex appeal.

Underwear from the Gregg Homme Kasanova Series is available in sizes XS – XL. The Kasanova Series T-Shirt and Tank Top are available in sizes S – XL.

Which material used from the Gregg Homme Kasanova Series do you find more appealing? Is it the marble fabric, or the semi-sheer micro mesh? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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