Garçon Model, A Lesson in Underwearology

A Lesson in Underwearology

The usually ultra-colorful Garçon Model changed things up this time with a black and white photo campaign, bringing on photographer Skye Tan to shoot Jules Horn in “A Lesson in Underwearology.” While it’s definitely a change of pace for the brand, which is a true neon fan boy, the gray scale neutrals work. It doesn’t hurt either that Horn and Tan are a match made in photographic heaven, one complementing the other and both complementing the underwear.

A Lesson in Underwearology is set in a white brick warehouse with dark, concrete flooring; the natural blacks and whites come out whether Tan wanted it that way or not. A bright rectangular window set in the wall behind Horn only highlights the whole scene and makes the lighter colors really pop out. It’s a setup that emphasizes every fold of fabric and every stretch of muscle. Horn’s whole figure, brief, and trunk underwear included, looks the part of a statue in all this dramatic lighting.

But for all the artistic flair that black and white brings, A Lesson in Underwearology is a shoot in line with Garçon Model’s aesthetic. It’s sleek, sexy, professional, and new. And as an added bonus, Jules Horn is certainly someone worth staring at — underwear shoot or no. It’s almost depressing how there are only four final photos. Wouldn’t it be nice for Singapore photographer Skye Tan to share the whole roundup, edited or not?

Maybe after this A Lesson in Underwearology shoot we’ll see more of Jules on Garçon Model’s website. It’d be nice to see his sculpted figure in some color. Most likely that’ll happen soon, too, because if we know anything about Garçon Model, it’s that they love the brightest of the bright.

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For more information on this brand: Garçon Model.

Photo Credit: Skye Tan

Model: Jules Horn

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