Fighters Are Lovers In The Malebasics Camo Collection

Malebasics Camo Collection

The Malebasics Camo Collection has been released, just as the anticipation was about to do us in. After scoring an exclusive sneak peek at the collection last November, The Underwear Expert was ready to give up style-hunting and deploy the contemporary camo on all fronts. The campaign photoshoot by Anibal Velasquez has a military-theme that’s a striking kind of sexy. Models Jeramel Condado and Rey Ocando get into each of the Malebasics Camo Collection’s styles – all except its 9-inch boxer brief. Check out Rey and Jeramel’s leg muscles, and you’ll see this was obviously intentional.

The new digital print from Malebasics’ Camo Collection is a patchwork of dark and light grey with white. Compared to the original print’s unfashionable earth tones, Malebasics Camo is chiller and more suitable for style-conscious athletes rather than guys who hunt doves on the weekend. Jeramel and Rey come into frame fully loaded. They’ve got on heavy black vests prepped with guns and ammunition. Other than that, it’s dog tags (which we’re tempted to pull), war paint, and their Malebasics Camo Collection underwear.

Jeramel and Rey have the muscles to embody everyone’s military fantasy to a tee. They’re ripped and they’re packing, two things that let the Malebasics Camo stretch and contour everything you want to see. Each underwear style in the collection fits like performance underwear, because it is. The fitted material is made from 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex. In English, it’s thin, moisture wicking, and made to move with your body during intense exercise. Maybe that’s why the fiery Latin models look like they’ve been sweating.

Glistening muscles, war paint, and dog tags all add to the Malebasics Camo Collection photo campaign’s sexy military theme. Both models also have tattoos to give it that edgy something extra. The fit and fashion sense of their underwear is at the heart of their sex appeal – or more likely, at another part further down south. The models would put the “ass” in “assault,” but not before putting themselves in Malebasics Camo Collection.

Which underwear style from the Malebasics Camo Collection was your personal favorite? Do you like your men sweaty and glistening with war paint on their face? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Malebasics

Photo Credit: Anibal Velasquez

Models: Jeramel Condado, Rey Ocando

Sponsored by Malebasics


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