Andrew Christian Spring 15 Swim Debuts The Boardy-Booty

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The Andrew Christian Spring 15 Swim Collection follows the same trend as the brand’s latest underwear lines. The swimwear designs have a retro sense of athleticism and neon color accents to inject them with young, modern energy. But what fuses the old and the new best? The Andrew Christian Spring 15 Swim Collection debuts two new swimwear concepts.

The “boardy-booty” is cut like a booty short with high legs, and styled like a pair of board shorts. Also borrowing from the board short details is the “boardy-bikini,” which takes the same concepts and makes them more flattering and more revealing.

The Sports Mesh Swim Shorts ($53.93) are made entirely from quick-drying polyester mesh, giving them an extra boost of sportiness to bring out their booty short inspiration. Neon accents are placed along the two front pockets and made into racing stripes down the sides. The waistband’s drawstring also supplies a pop of neon color.

The Coast Swim Shorts and Anchor Swim Shorts ($55.93) both wade on the more retro side of the collection’s aesthetic. Contrasting waistbands that would normally make them athletic are instead bolder and more saturated for a slight 90s vibe. Something these designs have in common with the Sports Mesh Swim Shorts is their Almost Naked pouch. It’s just as flattering here as it is on the brand’s underwear. But on swimwear, we imagine it makes a pretty big splash.

Even more enhancing is the Club Bikini ($37.93). Designed with a Show-It Tech pouch, the form-fitting material (80% nylon, 20% spandex) makes your package stand for a maximum enhancing effect.

Andrew Christian Spring 15 Swimwear is available in sizes XS – XL.

Does Andrew Christian work its way into your swimwear looks every spring and summer? What do you think about the cut of their swim shorts? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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