Andrew Christian Birthday Blowout

There’s only one thing sexier than a man in Andrew Christian — and that’s a whole mess of men in Andrew Christian. The California brand is known and loved for its many models and the videos they star in. From locker room brawls, to sudsy car washes, to the latest scene, a steamy lap-dance-off featuring handcuffs and more, the men of Andrew Christian have done it all and filmed it all, so that fans everywhere can see the underwear in action. This is why we love the newest video(s) from Andrew Christian – specifically, the Andrew Christian Birthday videos.

As if you needed another reason to tune in, now the AC film team has rolled out an Andrew Christian Birthday Blowout with two new birthday videos for all those spring birthdays you’ve got to hit. Starring Ryan Rose and Jacob Ford, the 18-second “Happy Birthday” messages are perfect to send to that coworker you’ve been crushing on, or even to a partner too in love with some other brand. Let them know Andrew Christian is what they can expect under all that wrapping paper, or maybe buy a new pair for yourself to help cover up that extra special birthday package. The Andrew Christian Birthday videos are exactly what we’ve been wishing for all these years when we’ve been blowing out the candles.

Watch and share the two new Andrew Christian Birthday videos below.

Do you have a spring birthday? Want a new pair to celebrate the day? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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