5 Sexy Gym Style Tips, From Freedom Reigns

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Freedom Reigns Active Apparel and Underwear is far from bland – and so is their sexy gym wear. It’s an amount of sexy that you can wear in public – likely to leave you feeling confident, desirable, and ready to for a kick-ass workout. These are The Underwear Expert’s 5 Sexy Gym Style Tips, inspired by Freedom Reigns. You don’t have to take them to heart – just take them to the gym.

1. Bring In Some New Color Contrasts

Look around at the gym and you’ll see a lot of guys wearing the same things every week, which is fine – but definitely doesn’t fall into the category of “sexy gym wear.” Having all of your gym clothes rock the same colors though? Not so much. Instead, build your sexy gym look with different color contrasts. Maybe you’re in love with those grey running shoes. Go for a grey tank with a splash of pink. Or grey shorts with red accent trims. You’re dressing for the gym, not a Tron light cycle match.

2. Don’t Just Wear Tanks Or Shirts

It shouldn’t be one or the other. It simply doesn’t make sense, from a style standpoint – or a fitness one. Freedom Reigns designs active tees with stylishly deep V-necks you’re used to loving elsewhere. Their tanks speak for themselves with unique colors and designs.

3. And Don’t Ignore Your Shorts Either

Most men never think of their active shorts as being unflattering. They’re your gym shorts, they’re comfortable, and you don’t sweat through them. But what if we told you that your gym shorts could fit just as well as your favorite pair of out-and-about shorts and be, well – your sexy gym shorts? Freedom Reigns has some of the coolest, most stylish workout shorts around, many of which have an attractive slim fit.

4. Consider Pants A Possibility

Freedom Reigns knows that full-coverage can remain flattering with their active pants. But their aesthetic is perfectly on-point with their cropped pant design. Add a little fabric to your lower half for a sexy gym style that’s immediately stylish.

5. Get Yourself Some New Performance Underwear

You had to have seen this one coming. Even if it’s other guys in the locker room, you don’t want to be seen wearing the same pairs of underwear to the gym every week, right? For some guys, looking good in the locker room is just as important as looking good out on the floor. Treat yourself to new performance underwear, if not for this reason, for yourself – and for your sexy gym wear.


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