5 Knit Styles That Will Have Your Boys Living The High Life

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Have you ever wondered what makes a knit fabric, well – knit? Knit fabrics are made by knitting threads together until you have a fabric, or a long chain of knots that zigzag until they form a fabric. Knits are known for being so soft and flexible. People wear knit underwear all the time and don’t even realize it! Here are 5 Knit Styles that will have your boys living the high life:

1. Bear Skn’s Standard Issue Trunk ($20.00) – The four-way stretch fabric eliminates sagging and stretching. The pouch supports your member, while keeping you comfy. This underwear is geared toward bigger men who like to look great in sexy underwear, too!

5 Knit Styles 1

2. Lupo’s Liberdade Men’s Seamless Microfiber Brief ($22) – These high-cut silky briefs sit perfectly on your skin, neither digging in, or ridding up on you. These briefs will softy caress your muscles with every wear, your Johnson sitting in the literal lap of luxury.
5 Knit Styles 2

3. Marco Marco’s Solid Boxer Brief ($28) – These cute boxer briefs have a comfortable, wide logo waistband. The garment hugs your form and supports your bulge, while keeping you comfy.

5 Knit Styles 3

4. Obviously’s Naked Boxer Brief 9 inch Leg ($18.95) – This long boxer brief has an anatomical pouch to allow your boys to fall into a natural position and reduces body heat build-up in your testicles. The cut is form-fitting, and the fabric is soft and stretchy, giving you mobility and comfort.
5 Knit Styles 4

5. Tani’s Freeform Trunk ($50) – This trunk doesn’t have any bindings or hems. It’s made from a specially designed fabric that doesn’t ride up or bunch. This fabric will ensure a top-of-the-line comfort feel, since it is still flexible, naturally moisture wicking, and soft.


5 Knit Styles 5

Do you prefer knit fabrics to woven fabrics? Which of these 5 Knit Styles do you see yourself most likely wearing? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Bear Skn, Lupo, Marco Marco, Obviously, Tani

Photo Credit: Bear Skn, Obviously, Tani, Jarred Mattew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert, and The Underwear Expert.


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