The Tani Online Store Relaunches, Reinvents

Tani Online Store

One of the many things that solidifies Tani as a luxury brand is their attractive, simple designs. Now with a new design all its own, the Tani Online Store is just as easy and comfortable to navigate as a manic Monday spent wearing Tani. Also, like their underwear, the new site is easy on the eyes, thanks to new brand model Patrick Frost.

taniUSA_aNewStandardNavigate to the Tani Online Store and you find the brand’s collections have been reorganized into two categories: Basics and Limited Edition. Under Basics are the AirFit, Loft Thermal, Pursuit, SilkCut, and SwissTouch Collections. Each of these are available throughout the year, and run in classic colors and styles. These are Tani’s go-to collections to make everyday elegant. Weekday warriors will enjoy the comfort of SwissTouch or SilkCut Collections at work. Fans of fashion and fitness will appreciate the moisture wicking AirFit and Pursuit Collections. And then what better way is there to end the day but in a Loft Thermal set?

Limited Edition Collections are seasonal and produced in smaller quantities. But where Tani Basics are more likely to sport a solid color, Limited Edition Collections are generally designed with different fabrics and unique patterns and prints. There are currently four limited edition collections available on the Tani Online Store – ActiveMode, FreeForm, Lounge, and LuxeLine.

If you’re new to Tani, be sure to check out the “The Tani Difference” when stopping by the Tani Online Store. It breaks down everything The Underwear Expert praises the brand on, including their overall refined aesthetic; but what’s even better is the info breakdown on Tani’s fabric, form, and function. Taken with the simplified product categorization, the new Tani Online Store makes it simpler than ever to find your preferred style of luxury.

On what kind of days do you break out your pairs of Tani underwear? What’s your favorite thing about the new site design? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Tani

Model: Patrick Frost

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