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Levi's Underwear

Card06_300LSSeries_Anthony_84wool-1570_R3-01Levi’s denim has that quintessential, All-American aesthetic. Their jeans are laid back and as classic as you could hope a pair of pants to be. But there is another layer of Levi’s that stays behind the scenes: Levi’s underwear.

Levi’s underwear manages to keep the same aesthetic that made Levi’s an iconic brand, especially with their Spring 2015 underwear collection. It includes updates to their 400 Series and the new 200 Neats line, both of which echo the brand’s legendary denim.

Perhaps the coolest nod to Levi’s denim is a red square that is stitched on the back of every pair of Levi’s underwear. It’s exactly where the red patch would go on the brand’s jeans. Several of their underwear designs also feature the brand’s “Bat Wing” logo, but omit the name from the shape for an entirely clean finish.

More innovative touches are found on the updated 400 Line. With new color options in Orange Pepper, Ballad Blue, and Porpoise for Spring, the line’s underwear is also designed with a single diagonal belt loop on the center rear. The new 200 Neats Line also has accents reminiscent of denim, such as stitching on the rear. Other Levi’s underwear lines hit the mark even harder by bringing rivets into their designs.

The Underwear Expert also has to give props to Levi’s for their inventive packaging. The brand has begun using sustainable materials such as wood, and even experimenting with designs that resemble coffee cans. It’s the perfect compliment for the underwear’s “North West Coast” attitude, and just another masculine touch that makes Levi’s a brand men will return to time and time again.

Love your pairs of Levi’s underwear as much as your Levi’s denim?

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