Save Time, Save Money in Mack Weldon Downloadable Underwear

Downloadable Underwear

Feeling squirrelly? Are you going to get your hands on a pair of Mack Weldon’s downloadable underwear? If your answer is yes, please get a pair of sunglasses because your future is bright! We thought the Jetson’s had the right idea with floating hovercrafts and jet packs, turns out they were wrong! Well maybe partially wrong! With this futuristic downloadable underwear, all you must do is print to enjoy, saving you time and money! 

The materials you will need to complete this process include: working internet connection, computer, printer, sharp scissors, tape and the enthusiasm of a young child setting up their first snow fort. All you have to do is click this link, download, print and cut out your well-fitted pair of Mack Weldon Trunks; then it’s as easy as taping them together. And the real kicker is– one size fits all!

Disclaimers: We know fire jumping is an extreme sport and that you dare devils would like to look so fresh and so clean doing it. Please keep in mind these undies are extremely flammable so they aren’t suitable for that….or cliff jumping, as they will fall apart when exposed to water. Do not wear with tight jeans unless you enjoy paper cuts in very intimate places. Lastly relax, you silly fashionista you, and enjoy.

If you’re having any issues with the process please consult the video below.

Did you actually believe downloadable underwear was a thing? What’s your all time favorite April Fool’s Day prank to pull on people? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information about this brand: Mack Weldon 

Video Credit: Mack Weldon

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