Review: Perry Ellis Woven Boxer

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Item reviewed: Perris Ellis Portfolio Woven Boxer

About the product: The Perry Ellis Woven Boxer is an easy classic. Coming to a mid-rise, the 1 inch waistband is the same material as the rest of the boxers with a discreet black tag on the front-center inscribed with “Perry Ellis”. The boxers are made of extremely light and flowing cotton (100%). The undergarments feature a tartan design comprised of white, light and dark blue. They feature a hidden-button fly opening. The bottom of the leg openings have small slits at the end to offer free movement – which is just what us active guys need and desire when we are on the go, whether it is heading to the office or dashing over to the gym to get in a quick workout.

What we like: These are the type of boxers you would expect from Perry Ellis. Classic and comfortable, they are an easy go-to, and something every guy would love to have in his underwear drawer. The material is thin and breathable. They are also loose around the center, allowing the material to flow freely. You may not want to wear them under a tight suit at an important business event, but at any other time, they are truly the perfect pair of boxers.

When we’d wear them: These are great for the summer because they are light and loose, making them very breathable. They are a fantastic pair of boxers to lounge around in or sleep in.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who prefer boxers on the regular. Guys who prefer a loose feel. Guys that need to get new boxers for the summer.

In three words: Light. Flowing. Tartan.


For more information on this brand: Perry Ellis

Photo Credit: Perry Ellis

Product Supplied by Perry Ellis


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