Review: Male Power Nylon Burnout Wonder Thong

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Item reviewed: Male Power Nylon Burnout Wonder Thong

About the product: The Male Power Nylon Burnout Wonder Thong is made of a thinner 85% nylon and 15% spandex material, which conceivably makes it much more comfortable to wear – a not-so-easy-feat when it comes to designing thongs. It is a low rise thong, with a no-fly pouch that has a center contouring seam for extra lift. The fabric is slightly sheer with a burnout pattern, and it covers the elastic waistband and the thong band. The waistband is 1 inch wide on the Male Power Nylon Burnout Wonder Thong, giving it that extra dose of comfort and stretch, making it the perfect pair to have on in the boardroom or bedroom – where you want to maximize your comfort and minimize your need to readjust.

What we like: The nylon fabric is lightweight and stretches to fit the body in the Male Power Nylon Burnout Wonder Thong. The pouch is also light, and provides some lift while feeling like there’s almost nothing there. The sheer pattern provides a bit of tease for added sexiness. The strap of the Male Power Nylon Burnout Wonder Thong also sits comfortably on your hot bod. Overall, it is a pretty impressive combination of sexiness and comfort, which is something we can definitely get behind – or slip into.

When we’d wear them: In the bedroom, when you want to show off a bit. At the gym, for the same exact reason.

Who we’d recommend them to: People looking for a slightly sheer thong that still feels great.

In three words: Light. Sheer. Burnout.

Male Power Nylon Burnout
Male Power Nylon Burnout


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