Review: Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer

Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer

Item reviewed: Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer 74013 – Violet Blue Stripe

About the product: The Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer is made of 100% cotton fabric. The boxer has a regular rise and a loose fit, like a typical boxer short. Coverage-wise, the Hanro boxer provides the coverage expected from a traditional boxer. The fabric has a vertical stripe pattern, with the stripes varying in purple, navy, brown, and gray colors. The elastic waistband is covered with the striped fabric. The underwear has a single button fly, with an extra button included on the inner tag. The left side of the boxer also has a small tag that says “Hanro”.

What we like: The stripe pattern is quite stylish and adds visual appeal to the boxer. The inclusion of a button on the fly is a great touch that helps keep everything inside the boxer all day. The waistband elastic stretches nicely to fit the body.

The Hanro boxer has a looser fit than most. It is truly a simple pair of boxers, and reminds us a bit of the kind we wore in high school – but obviously, the Hanro boxer is much more stylish than we were at the time! Its casual, loose fit is part of its appeal, making it perfect for us to slip it on, take a trip down memory lane – and have that be the only trip we take that day. These are your perfect Sunday boxers, in which you’d wear them and nothing else to lounge around in while having your coffee and reading the newspaper or watching the game. In fact, you may never want to take them off.

When we’d wear them: Lounging around the house. Bedtime.

Who we’d recommend them to: People looking for a visually appealing boxer.

In three words: Striped. Buttoned. Stretchy.

Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer
Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer


For more information on the brand: Hanro

Photo Credit: Hanro

Product Supplied by Hanro


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