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Item Reviewed: Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3

About the product: The Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3 is a scoop neck tee with sheer capped sleeves and panels running down the sides of the torso. The fabric (80% polyamide, 20% Lycra) is airy and has a good amount of stretch for easy movement. The tee has a small metallic tag with the Geronimo logo sewn in at the back of the neck.  The Geronimo 1360t3 comes in black and white, and is available in sizes S – XL.

What we like: This sheer shirt packs some sex appeal – after all, don’t we all enjoy a nice nip-slip from time to time, whether it’s done by a celeb, or our hot crush on a warm summer day at the pool? The Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3 is sexy and yet – not scandalous. The see-through mesh, paired with the V-neck, focuses attention squarely on the work that you’ve put into your chest and upper arms after all those long, painful hours at the gym. The Y-shaped opaque panel in the center of the Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3 creates a lean line, enhancing the overall design. The fabric is soft and light, and the stretch helps to ensure a close fit.

The Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3 isn’t designed for all body types – it would work best on gym-toned guys with great upper bodies. It’s not as successful on slimmer or heavier set body types, so bear that in mind before purchasing

When we’d wear them: At the club – pair with jeans to rough it up a bit, or pair with some leather pants and get your freak on.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys looking to show off that body!

In three words: Pecs. Delts. Lats.

Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3
Geronimo V-Neck 1360t3


For more information on this brand: Geronimo

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