Review: Funky Trunks Still Speed

Funky Trunks Still Speed

Item reviewed: Funky Trunks Still Speed Trunks

About the product: The Funky Trunks Still Speed Trunks are as plain as can be, compared to the vibrant patterns the Australian swim and underwear maker has built its brand on. But these are as cool and sexy – in the subtle way. They sit at a low-rise, starting with the iconic 1 ½ inch black band with “Funky Trunks” written in white throughout. The material is a deep blue and made from cotton (88%) and spandex (12%), giving the wearer comfort, support, and flexibility. The pouch is closed, double-lined, and contoured with stitching around the outside and down the center.

What we like: The sophistication in this pair of underwear is in their simplicity. The material is comfortable and flattering. The low-rise and shortness make the body look bigger – in a good way. You definitely will not look wider in this hot pair.

They are ideal for any occasion, especially when we want to look enticing without making it look like we are trying. Also, they come with a Funky Trunks sticker. Funky Trunks also has a loyalty program on their website that gives you credit toward future purchases from the time you buy something.

What we don’t like: Because they have a low-rise, they can leave the wearer a bit exposed in the back when they bend over.

When we’d wear them: On any occasion. These are great for when we want took look good without revealing that we were anticipating showing them off.

Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone. Guys who like plain underwear, but want to add a little zest to their game.

In three words: Solid. Aussie. Alluring.

Funky Trunks Still Speed
Funky Trunks Still Speed


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