Review: Clever River Boxer

Clever River Boxer

Item reviewed: Clever River Boxer

About the product: The Clever River Boxer provides full coverage in a small pair of low rise trunks. They’re designed with a heathered blue color with bright white accent stitching and a blue and white medium waistband. White accent stripes run down both sides. The pouch is medium-sized which still has a bit of lift to it.

What we like: These boxers are a great mix of stylish, comfortable, and breathable. They are a blend of Polyester and Nylon which is soft and stretchable. The lift provided by the pouch is just enough for a pick me up, while not being uncomfortable at all. We are very pleased with the quality materials used all around. The colors used also give it a wonderous sense of style.

When we’d wear them: From a night out on the town to hanging out at home with friends, these are a great pair of underwear.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who do not compromise on quality, style, and comfort.

In three words: Stylish. Fun. Smart.

Clever River Boxer
Clever River Boxer


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