Review: Bread & Boxers V-Neck

Bread & Boxers V-Neck

Item Reviewed: Bread & Boxers V-Neck

About the product: The Bread & Boxers V-Neck is a basic white or black t-shirt made from 94% organic cotton and 6% elastane, giving it just a hint of stretch. The shirt is designed with a bit of extra room around the chest and body for enhanced comfort and, as its name implies, has a v-neck.

What we like: This is a great go-to shirt. The material is comfortable and the style is timeless; you can’t go wrong with a simple white or black t-shirt. The quality is nice enough that it can be worn by itself or used as an undershirt with something longer. The v-neck style is great for those guys who like to leave a button or two undone on their shirts to show off some of that chest and not some of that undershirt.

What we don’t like: The extra room around the chest and body, while adding comfort, might seem a little baggy or loose on a thinner guy, especially one who likes tighter shirts.

When we’d wear them: This shirt is the definition of versatility. It can be dressed down with sweats for lounging in the apartment or with a pair of shorts for hanging out in the park, but it can also be worn under a suit and tie for a day at the office. It can even go under a tuxedo if we’re really getting fancy.

Who we’d recommend them to: Every guy needs a basic versatile t-shirt and this v-neck is a great staple to any man’s wardrobe.

In three words: Comfortable. Versatile. Timeless.

Bread & Boxers V-Neck
Bread & Boxers V-Neck


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