Review: Bread & Boxers Long Sleeve

Bread & Boxers Long Sleeve

Item reviewed: Bread & Boxers Long Sleeve

About the product: The Bread & Boxers Long Sleeve thermal top comes in grey mélange and navy mélange. Designed with a classic raglan cut, the top has a looser fit around the chest and body and is made entirely from polyester. The heathered look is apparent in both colors. It reminds us of the cool, casual looks we’d wear during our schoolboy days. 

What we liked: Everything about the material, especially the mélange! The grey mélange mixes shades of grey to give the long sleeve top a handsome texture that works to emphasize the look, but with a casual style. The loose fit of the Bread & Boxers Long Sleeve is also very comfortable. And while the loose fit makes it great for relaxing in (it’s part of the brand’s Lounge Collection), a more snug fit would make the Bread & Boxers Long Sleeve even more fashionable. However, it is extremely comfortable, as previously stated, and since it is a part of the Lounge Collection, a tighter fit may not be entirely necessary – unless you want a comfy and sexy look to wear out. And we’re willing to bet that your girl friends will definitely want to borrow this shirt. The question is – will you let her or your significant other snatch it, or will you hide it for yourself? We know what we would choose.

Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone. The casual style is something every man could benefit from and is likely to fall for. Recent college grads.

When we’d wear them: Lounging around at home with a book and/or bottle of wine. Casual lunch dates. Chilly morning walks in the springtime.

In three words: Comfortable. Mélange. Lounge.


For more information on this brand: Bread & Boxers

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