Review: Blackspade Sport Boxer Brief Red

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Item reviewed: Blackspade Sport Boxer Brief – Red – 9544

About the product: The Blackspade Sport Boxer Brief 9544 in Red has an asymmetrical design with a parallel white trim down the right leg. The brand name is printed sideways along the trim in black. The waistband is also designed with white accents: the brand name repeating around the elastic as well as two white stripes. The Blackspade Sport Boxer Brief 9544 is made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane.

What we liked: The white trim gives the red Blackspade Sport Boxer Brief a one-two combination of being both asymmetrical and athletic. The white trim also works very well with the waistband, giving it that classic white/red contrast. The fact that the brand name is printed in black keeps this contrast at the forefront.

When we’d wear them: After the gym. To a sporting event. Just hanging out at home.

Who we’d recommend them to: Younger guys that like to look sporty, no matter their activity. Someine in need of red underwear that’s also trendy.

In three words: Modern. Sporty. Asymmetrical.

Blackspade Sport Boxer
Blackspade Sport Boxer


For more information on this brand: Blackspade

Photo Credit: Blackspade

Product Supplied by Blackspade


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