Review: Blackspade Silver Brief 9311

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Item reviewed: Blackspade Silver Brief 9311

About the product: The Blackspade Silver Brief 9311 is one of the Silver Collection’s two underwear designs to not feature a metallic waistband. Instead, the Silver Brief 9311’s waistband is covered in the underwear’s fabric (94% modal and 6% elastane) for an entirely solid pair, available in black or white. On both color options, a small metal emblem is sewn into the left hip. The brand name is embedded on the accent tag in small lettering.

What we liked: As attractive as the normal Blackspade Silver Collection waistband is, we don’t mind losing it for the classy finish of a fabric-covered waistband. It gives the brief a more sophisticated look – something the contrasting silver waistband does with younger attitude. They belong on the dressier side of your underwear drawer, even though they’re disguised as basic pairs. The fit is also incredibly comfortable and supportive with elastic in the leg openings and around the rear.

The metal accent is also a nice touch, especially on the black brief. It stands out more and really gives off a flash that’s muted by the white pair. The metal tags could be applied with more durability. One of two pairs received (the black, unfortunately) had the tag partially disconnected due to the stitching coming undone.

When we’d wear them: An upscale and unassuming dinner date. The same day you get a hair cut, so you feel extra fresh. A job interview.

Who we’d recommend them to: College students, upperclassman nearing graduation. Clean-cut businessmen. Men in need of underwear that compliments their formal attire.

In three words: Classy. Comfortable. Simple.

Blackspade Silver Brief 9311
Blackspade Silver Brief 9311


For more information on this brand: Blackspade

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