Review: Aware Soho Queens Trunk

Aware Soho Queens Trunk

Item reviewed: Aware Soho Queens Trunk

About the product: The Aware Soho Queens Trunk has a narrow square cut and a white underwear body. Contrasting the white are red and navy circles with a cameo-style bust of a queen, done in relief so the shape itself is white as well. The trunk has a snug fit (95% cotton, 5% elastane) and white trims around the legs and pouch. The waistband has the brand name and emblem in navy repeating around the elastic.      

What we liked: The pattern and the cut of the Aware Soho Queens Trunk are truly its best features. The cut is narrow and square, which combines with the snug material for a very flattering fit. That being said, the trunk style is pretty snug; the style itself is what makes the trunk fit a little too snug. The Underwear Expert recommends ordering one size up for comfort’s sake.

The pattern is also cute, especially on the Queens Trunk. The fact that navy and red are both used to accent the white is also a nice touch. It’s a more interesting take on typical polka-dotted underwear designs and definitely makes your viewer look twice before stripping them off. It gives us a certain “London calling” that makes us want to book our next flight out of the U.S. and head towards the Queen’s land.

When we’d wear them: A coffee date (or a tea date). Sitting at said coffee shop while reading a book. A trip to London.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who prefer narrow-cut trunks. Men with a regal side.

In three words: Snug. Regal. Classic.

Aware Soho Queens Trunk
Aware Soho Queens Trunk


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