Peace, Love, And Paisley Underwear

Paisley Underwear

Model Erick Wilson ignites our passion for paisley underwear in Jerrad Matthew’s latest Underwear Expert exclusive. The paisley print dates all the way back to ancient Persia. Over time, it has been modified and tweaked by a plethora of different aesthetics, now ranging from formal neckties to casual scarves – and of course, paisley underwear, which rests somewhere between the two. Depending on the brand, it can go the direction of a stylish hipster for something urban, or something professionally artsy for the modest man.

Perry Ellis created their paisley underwear as a pair for the well-dressed, white collar worker. The reserved design provides a more mature appearance. The boxer provides full coverage, is cut to fit somewhat loosely, and sticks to a simple black/blue contrast. Levi’s created their 200 Neats Bandana Trunk with the same aesthetic, but remains casual with a modern cut and large print of the paisley tear drops. The Mundo Unico Recife Short Boxer rides the same classy casual line, but leads the way to somewhere more youthful with a blue/orange contrast and a blown-up version of the paisley droplets.

Paisley underwear by BR4SS and Jor is more about a modern, boyish charm. The BR4SS Bandana Boxers would be the bad boy’s choice. Erick Wilson models two versions of the black boxer, one with a red print which gives the paisley a – dare we say – gangster attitude.

Jor’s Sahara Brief is the only featured pair not designed with a two-color contrast. Instead it goes back to paisley’s roots in the Far East, and the psychedelic Summer of Love. The colorful print is as retro as much as it’s reminiscent of a Persian rug, a shimmering blue waistband to compliment the print’s orange notes.

Paisley became popular in the early 70’s after The Beatles traveled to India and returned with a passion for Eastern religion. The floral droplets have since been attributed to Hinduism, and described as symbols for peace, love, and life by different cultures. So it’s no coincidence, then, that paisley underwear gives The Underwear Expert life!

Which of Erick Wilson’s pairs of paisley underwear caught your eye? Where else in your style do you like to add a pop of paisley? Let us know in the comments below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: BR4SS, Jor, Levi’s, Mundo Unico, Perry Ellis

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Erick Wilson

Products Supplied by BR4SS, Jor, Levi’s, Mundo Unico, Perry Ellis


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