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OLIVERS Kickstarter

oliversfabricThe new OLIVERS Kickstarter launched on April 14th and has already exceeded its pledged goal of $10k. Riding off the success of their performance-engineered All Over Short, the San Francisco-based brand now aims to improve and perfect the performance boxer brief. They’ve ditched the painfully common cotton, and replaced it with polyester originally designed as a base layer for the military.

It only takes a short jog to find out cotton is a terrible fabric choice for performance underwear. The material is highly absorbent – the opposite of moisture wicking – and traps moisture against your skin, where it’s slow to dry. Their search for an ideal alternative led OLIVERS Apparel to Schoeller Textiles in Switzerland, considered by experts to be the world’s premier technical mill. And now, the new OLIVERS Boxer Brief is made entirely from a circular knit polyester designed by Shoeller to be more than moisture wicking.

A nylon-brushed waistband distributes compression evenly across your body for a fit that stays comfortably flush against your skin. Because the polyester has a 4-way stretch, the same fit also applies during intensive activity. The benefits of this elasticity even apply when you aren’t wearing the OLIVERS Boxer Brief. Since they are designed to stretch, they are guaranteed to retain their shape.

The OLIVERS Boxer Brief is available now on the OLIVERS Kickstarter in Iron, Slate, and Cobalt. Sharing a little more love and money not only gets you a pair of OLIVERS, but one of the brand’s partner products. The Rumpl Blanket is made from ripstop nylon and considered to be a “performance blanket.” The OLIVERS Weekender bag was designed by New England brand Steele Canvas. Reinforced with leather to be extra durable, it’s a limited edition available in the highest reward package.

OLIVERS Apparel successfully launched their All Over Short a year and a half ago on Kickstarter. The brand sought to do away with the Sophie’s Choice between style and function that men are forced to make when looking for a pair of performance shorts. It became one of the most successful apparel Kickstarter campaigns ever, with 3,300 backers grabbing 5,500 pairs of shorts, designed with durable materials and a flattering, tailored fit. At the time of this writing, the OLIVERS brief on Kickstarter has 460 backers and has exceeded its goal by more than $25k. The world isn’t just ready for the OLIVERS Boxer Brief – it’s been waiting.

The OLIVERS Kickstarter funding period ends on May 5. The fabric is then ordered and milled over the summer by Schoeller in Switzerland. The materials then make the journey to San Francisco, where they are cut and sewn in time for shipment starting November 9.

To get your pair of boxer briefs go to The OLIVERS Brief Kickstarter.

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For more information on this brand: OLIVERS

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