New Cute For Spring: Bodyaware Cheekster Brief

Bodyaware Cheekster Brief

The Bodyaware Cheekster Brief ($17.50) is perfect for cuties with a booty. The brief is made from a luxuriously soft material that’s nearly seamless. Nearly. There is one seam placed on the sexy Brazilian-style rear. It lets your cheeks hang out just enough. And while the rear is all about sex appeal, the fit of the front looks polished, maybe even a little sophisticated.

The material blend (96% rayon, 4% spandex) has enough elasticity for the Cheekster Brief to fit smooth around the wearer – especially on the front where no seams are located. The brief’s coverage around the side is also cut wider, like a common brief, to let the smooth, body-forming finish show. Still, that smoothness is never more appreciated than on the rear.

The Bodyaware Cheekster Brief comes in Black, Blue, and Hot Pink. The two color options are bright, and more about the cutesy cut. The Black, though is more of a tease, dark and sexy enough to up the ante.

The Bodyaware Cheekster Brief is available in sizes S – 2XL.

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For more information on this brand: Bodyaware

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