#TBT with Modus Vivendi Flash Back Line

Because a little throwback is always a fun idea, Modus Vivendi has reinstalled its striped brief from 2008’s Evolution of Man series. Made of a luxurious cotton and rayon blend coupled with soft elastane, the multicolored briefs ($20.05) make up the Modus Vivendi Flash Back line.

The thick, quintessential stripes not only bring us back to some classic Modus Vivendi, they also speak to a simpler decade when underwear came in only a handful of styles, colors, and sizes. They hold a taste of nostalgia that’s somehow refreshing in today’s world of too many to choose from.

Simplify your life with stripes. The Modus Vivendi Flash Back line comes in a selection of blue and yellow hues and runs sizes S – XL.

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For more information on this brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo Credit: Modus Vivendi

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