Mack Weldon Stripes and Sophistication

Mack Weldon stripes

Tying together traditional quality control with today’s exploratory underwear environment, the designers at Mack Weldon have unveiled a new striped style to go with the brand’s classic boxer briefs ($28), trunks ($24) and briefs ($22). The Mack Weldon stripes look great on the trunks and briefs.

The smart Mack Weldon stripes, coming in shades of gray, white and blue, speak to the American brand’s clean-cut, no-nonsense approach to underwear. Crafted from 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal and 5% Lycra, the new pieces feature Mack Weldon’s trifecta of utility-meets-comfort: no roll waistbands, mesh cool zones and stay put legs. Only now, you get all that with a new trendy twist.

These are for the college-educated office guy in you – that more mature, business-casual man you’d like to be when you meet your partner’s mom and dad. But if that’s not you — and never will be you — you can still appreciate the sense of sophistication the brand brings to comfort and style.

The new Mack Weldon stripes collection runs sizes S – XXL.

What do you think of the new Mack Weldon stripes? Do they mesh with the simple design Mack Weldon creates? Chat with us in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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Photo credit: Mack Weldon.

Sponsored by: Mack Weldon.


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