Justin Case You Missed It: Episode 6 RuPairs

There was no missing the limited edition Episode 6 RuPairs by Justin Case during this week’s episode of Drag Race. The mini challenge shined the spotlight on the up-and-coming underwear brand and not three but 16 Pit Crew members! Each of them wears a different pair of Justin Case. In the words of Ginger Ming, “every size and color, it’s like Epcot for thirsty bitches.”

One of the most notable pairs featured in Episode 6 is the Oh No She Better Don’t Brief. The O-shaped print is seen in three color styles – blue, purple, and pink – each of which is bright with white touches against the black underwear base. Miss Fame, who goes first, happens to pick the other limited edition Episode 6 RuPair. The Zebra Camaroooon Brief takes your idea of “animal print” to the gutter in a stylish way. And while 500 pairs of each Oh No She Better Don’t Brief were made, only 50 pairs of the Zebra From Camaroooon Brief were made. (Talk about an endangered species.)

Two other limited edition Episode 6 RuPairs – the Polka Red Hot Brief and Polka Pink Hot Brief – are also set to be released at a later date. They’re some of the cutest and most charming limited edition pairs of Justin Case, taking a classic print and injecting some bright flavor. But like the Zebra From Camarooon Brief, only 50 pairs of these designs were made.

The mini challenge game is called “Monster In Your Pants.” Some of the Pit Crew members have numbers tucked into their Justin Case pouches. Just like real life, what they’re packing ranges from small to large. And also like real life, kind of, one of these men is hiding a monster. But this the kind of monster drag queens avoid. If a queen picks the monster before freezing their points, they’re out of the game.

Still, this week’s mini challenge was one without losers. The 16 Pit Crew members are a literal feast for the eyes if there ever was one. And lasting long enough to see the Episode 6 RuPairs in the flesh? That’s winning to The Underwear Expert.

How would you go about picking a member of the Pit Crew? Would you look at his body, his face, or his Justin Case underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Justin Case

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Justin Case Wear Inc.

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