Jocular Junk! Funny Underwear Designs

Beat them to the punch this April Fool’s Day – and each day after – with funny underwear. There are six pairs featured in the latest exclusive shoot from Jerrad Matthew. To clarify, we mean “funny” in the best way. The designs aren’t just out of the box, they’re outlandish. But not overly so. Their senses of style are still present, each casual and suitable for any given day. Because what’s a day without laughter, or a good pair of underwear?

Model Zachary Dare wears the humorous pairs along California’s Venice Beach. Looking smooth, lean, fresh and clean, Zachary is all smiles and doesn’t care that the joke is literally on him. The Hipstripes Explosives Trunk and YOCISCO Eat Cake Trunk both have flattering modern cuts, bright colors, and text worth reading. Hipstripes places the words “EXPLOSIVES” around the hazard stripe waistband, as fair warning. YOCISCO then has “Let Them Eat Cake” placed on the rear. The placement feels suggestive, but where else would the words go on the square cut style?

Bringing more attention to Zachary’s – ahem, wiener – is the Frank Dandy Hot Dog Boxer Brief. Food underwear can be funny in a youthful way, especially when said food is something phallic like a hot dog. They are large enough to create a repeating pattern around the boxer brief. They also have text if you look close enough. “Frank Dandy” is spelled out in the mustard. The Smuggling Dugs Cattled Boxer Short has a similar sense of humor with its cow print. The design is still more adult thanks to what technically counts as animal print, and a perfectly pink contrast.

The two briefs featured are coincidentally the two pairs most concerned with style. The Vanwolff Timber Huff & Puff Brief also has a black and white contrast going for it, but in a sexier way, and in addition to small skulls and crossbones. It also reads: “huff & puff and blow you away.”

Which pair is Zachary wearing in your favorite pic? Which of your underwear pairs is funny in the right way? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Frank Dandy, Hipstripes, Jor, Smuggling Duds, Vanwolff, YOCISCO

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Zachary Dare

Location: Venice Beach, CA


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