Jacob Ford In Andrew Christian’s “The BLOW! Show”

BLOW! Show

After the sensual sexiness that was Andrew Christian’s “Glitter” promo, The Underwear Expert was anticipating something on the raunchier side to debut next – and we were right. “The BLOW! Show” is bite-your-bottom-lip, gonna-need-a-cold-shower hot. It starts with handcuffs and builds from there. We’re talking hair-pulling, forced underwear changes, and more Almost Naked pouches than we can handle.

Four Andrew Christian models wait in the wings to put on “The BLOW! Show” – ready to pounce on whoever sits in the hot seat. Jacob Ford is their lucky victim, and once he’s handcuffed by Ryan Rose, he’s everyone’s to use. And believe us, the other models are more than willing. Jacob has the killer combination of an innocent babyface and a sculpted body. It temps Dominic Pacific to pull Jacob’s Almost Naked BLOW! Brief right off him. He’s naked for a moment, until Peter Le steps in.

Peter gets even more “in the mood,” so much that he shoves another BLOW! Almost Naked Brief, in yellow, right in Jacob’s face. And this is only halfway through “The BLOW! Show.” Peter then slides the brief up Jacob’s legs and snaps his fingers to be taken away. Where to? Watch “The BLOW! Show” below and find out for yourself.

Would you rather take Jacob Ford’s place, or step in as a dancer? Which pair from the BLOW! Collection would you want to have forcibly put on you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

Models: Jacob Ford, Peter Le, Dominic Pacifico, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran

Sponsored by Andrew Christian


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