Insane In The Bjorn Borg Membrane Collection

Bjorn Borg Membrane Collection

Fresh out of Sweden, the Bjorn Borg Membrane Collection arrived just in time to enrich your springtime underwear portfolio! This sexy and playful collection, with no shortage of choices, comes in three different colors and two different sexy styles: trunk ($27.95) and boxer brief ($27.95).

Whether you’re a boxer brief hunk or daring short trunk flirt, you will find the Bjorn Borg Membrane Collection suits your spring conquests. Whether it’s looking pretty in purple/blue, mysterious in black/grey, or approachable in aqua/yellow, Bjorn Borg has what you’re looking for. Not only is this 95% cotton, 5% elastane blend super sexy, but it is also uber comfy.

This unique design contours around your package, outlining your manhood like a camouflaged hunter seeking out his prey. The waistband directly mirrors the rest of the pattern perfectly, leaving the wearer in one uniform design when you’re stripped down. The stitching blends in oh-so-perfectly with the background of the design, creating a definite aura of controlled chaos, welcoming your S.O. in for a tumble in the sack.

The Bjorn Borg Membrane Collection is available in sizes XS – XL.

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For more information on this brand:  Bjorn Borg


Photo Credit: Bjorn Borg


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