For Homewear, Blackspade Summer Basics

Fall's Finest Grey Underwear

One of the first things Blackspade brings to mind is comfort, and in more places than the underwear below your belt. The brand’s Homewear includes the Blackspade Summer Basics S/S 2015 collection: three styles of pants and two styles of shirts made a little loose for a free and relaxed fit.

The Blackspade Summer Basics Short Pants come in dark grey and navy blue. They’re designed with a elasticated drawstring waistband, giving the shorts a casual-meets-sporty attitude. Like the shorts, the Summer Basics Capri Pants and Long Pants are also designed with pockets. These, however, are more about coverage, and that flowing fit of the fabric. The capri pants stop a little below the knee. The long pants go as far down as your ankles. Both longer styles of pats come in dark grey, blue, and light grey.

The Summer Basics V-Neck T-Shirt and Crew Neck T-Shirt both come in the same color options, completing the collection and making it simple to mix and match. Like the collection’s pants, these are also designed with a loose fit, but less of one. The shirts avoid an ill-fitting looseness with a fit that is flattering and only somewhat snug.

Blackspade Summer Basics are available in sizes S – XXL.

Which pant style would provide you with your most relaxing summer yet? Which color best suits your warm weather style? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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