Foreplay: Preview Gregg Homme’s Playhouse Collection

The Underwear Expert was granted exclusive, early admittance into Gregg Homme’s Playhouse. The very epitome of a “teaser,” the sneak peek hints at designs from their upcoming Playhouse Collection. Once again, Gregg Homme shines a light on your darker desires, and inspires new ones at the same time.

Sexy new underwear from the Gregg Homme Playhouse Collection is shown to have smaller collections in a variety of designs, something for every type. There are modern prints applied to a snug-fitting boxer brief. There is a skimpy, purple look. There’s even a red brief with contrasting seams for a little athleticism – something relatively uncommon for Gregg Homme.

Our invitation into Gregg Homme’s Playhouse came with a Plus One, so watch Gregg Homme’s “Enter The Playhouse” video below. Set inside a mansion during the dead of night, you enter to find a Viewfinder (remember those?). Once you look inside, there is no looking back.

What caught your eyes the most when looking through the Viewfinder? Are you ready for some new Gregg Homme in your drawer? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Gregg Homme

Video Credit: Gregg Homme

Model: Timothy St. Amand

Sponsored by Gregg Homme


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