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Björn Borg Sports Apparel

Björn Borg Sports Apparel takes what the Swedish brand is perhaps best known for – being funky fresh and upbeat – and combines the aesthetic with performance ability. With unique prints and a plethora of apparel styles, the Björn Borg Spring/Summer 2015 line of sports apparel is ideal for achieving or maintaining your poolside physique.

There are several athletic hoodies, shirts, and shorts from Björn Borg Sports Apparel that are made with a stretchy and moisture wicking Hydro-Pro material. The elasticity of the material keeps the apparel comfortable in place while allowing a full range of movement. Björn Borg Sports Apparel’s line of sports apparel also includes jackets, tights, and pants for more full-coverage styles. The overall look is sporty, unexpected, and exactly what we look for when shopping for gym or loungewear.

Some of the more trend-setting designs featured within the SS15 Collection are the marble and membrane prints. Bound to be the most fashionable looks seen at the gym or around the track, you’ve never seen a broken sweat look so put together as it does in the Björn Borg Sports Apparel Collection. These cool prints remind us of the 80s, and the stellar combinations from that era.

Are there any Björn Borg Sports Apparel looks in your gym bag? Which style from the video could you make the most use out of? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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