Editor’s Pick: Pengallan

Editor's Pick: Pengallan

Editor’s Pick: Pengallan Blue/White Microstripe Slim-Fit Boxer – ($60)

Why We Love It: Luxury is the new black – or grey, sort of – in our Editor’s Pick: Pengallan. From a distance, the brand’s Blue/White Microstripe Slim-Fit Boxer has a light grey appearance. This is achieved through something called “optical mixing.” By placing the thin stripes side-by-side, the colors are mixed in our eyes, and we’re essentially tricked into seeing grey. And while optical mixing is common in textiles, the stylish effect is seldom seen on men’s underwear. In spite of this, it just so happens that the Blue/White Microstripe’s not-grey is the perfect complement to the trademark red button fly on our Editor’s Pick: Pengallan. It’s also the Pengallan pair most likely to go with whatever is in your closet. Like black, luxury can now go with just about anything.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: Pengallan is in a committed relationship with simplicity. Their presence as a luxury brand is all about easy sophistication. As they put it themselves, Pengallan is “delighted to occupy the high ground between the over-engineered and the underdeveloped…” This applies to every Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer, sure, but the Blue/White Microstripe design is perhaps their most versatile. Grey is the thinking man’s neutral, and a solid grey boxer can succeed through being understated. But our Editor’s Pick: Pengallan isn’t solid grey. It’s the classic improved with a fashion-forward design, and finished in a luxurious cut.

How We’d Wear It: “Sophisticated” and “simple” are both on The Underwear Expert’s checklist for formal underwear. Pengallan’s unique slim-fit boxer short would fit nicely under a pair of slacks, especially in spring when lighter neutrals work even better. The Blue/White Microstripe also works as something professional. We’d even wear it under some perfectly fitting jeans on casual Friday, topped off with a button-down and tie.

Other Favorites: For our Editor’s Pick: Pengallan, we also loved the Grey/White Seersucker Slim-Fit Boxer ($60) and the Midnight Blue Slim-Fit Boxer ($60).

For more information on this brand: Pengallan

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Alec Leddy

Product Supplied by Pengallan


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